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Week end 2

Weekend two of this was fun, but packed.

On friday, we left for  the cities.  We visited 3M first. We split up into and went on different tours looking at lasers, menbranes, and listed to speakers. We got to hear some speakers talk about plastic molds and microfibers. I like the last speaker the best.  He talked about planning and his job.  We got to go to the  Mall of America next. It was my first time, so that was really exciting to me. I was amazed at how big it was.  We stopped at the hotel, checked it, and swam for the of the night. 

On Saturday, we started the day with a tour of the Guthery theatore. The tour was neat and  we got to see the behind the scenes, the prop shop, and 2 of the theatores.  Our next stop was the science Museum. We didn’t have a long time to look around by ourselves, but we did get to go on the King Tut tour. We each got a ticket for the audio tours. Those gave you a lot of information,but sometimes got long.  I wanted to spend more time there.  The last and one of the most exciting stops was Valley Fair.  We got to spend about five hours. It was really fun to ride the Roller Coasters. I think the best was Steel Venom or The Wild Thing.  I wish we could have spent more time there, but I was really tired.

Sunday was our last day at the Cities.  We went to the Art Musuem and the Sculpture Garden.  The Art Musuem (Minneaplis Institution of Art) was really big, so you didn’t get to see everything there. Of course, you could spend a whole day there and not see everything. We ate lunch the court yard, which was designed like a maze and had cube you could sit on. Then we went to the Sculpture Garen.  I like the Cherry and the Spoon the best, but taking pictures with it and other things was fun. Most people slept on the bus. This was the best trip/days so far.


week end 1

So, it is end of week one at North Dakota Governor’s School.  Wow, a lot happened this week, even through it seemed like more then a week.

They planned  many activities for the weekend. Some of them were team building, a photo scavenger hunt, and the National Guard coming.  I enjoyed the blind folded activities. It made you have to trust your partner and try to get around without using your eyes.  The State Park was neat too. It was nice not to have anything hard to do and talk. I think most people didn’t like the caterpillars falling from the trees. I personally thought they were neat.

Sunday, the minute to win it games were fun. As easy as some of those look, it was hard. I like the elephant game and the shoe kick.

What were some the things you liked over the weekend? What things were you favorite things?

10 Blogs

need: Write a post on your blog containing (for each site you find):

  • The URL of the blog (make sure this is a link so I/others can click on it)
  • A description of the quality of the blog entries in general
  • A description of the style of the blog in general (visual & writing style)
  • A link to a specific blog entry or image that you find particularly useful/interesting on the blog

P.S.- I couldn’t figure out how to change the size of the pictures, so I’ll put some in later.

So, what’s this about killing a wolf at Minnesota Zoo? by Greg Laden

His writing style is a mixture of opinion and fact.  I like how he asks a question at the end for the people to respond to. It is in prose and I like the easy style.

Solar Farm, East Coast Style science blog by Kendra Snyder at

The style of writing is informative. The blog has good facts about the events/thing that are describing .  They use pictures and short, but enjoyable length.

Spidey Battles Doc Ock… atBrookhaven? by Peter Genzer

This is classified as a pop culture blog. The style is as informative mixed with a little opinion. This blog is about The amazing Spider-Man # 158 released in July 1976. The style is basically like the back of a book.  It is interesting to see how some of these comic books were concerned about the environment.

The +1 Button Is Like A Button You Push For A Treat — Without The Treat

by: MG Siegler

This blog is mainly opinion about how what this person thinks of the google +1 button. He dislikes it and compares it pushing the button in the show “Lost”.  He  is a good writer.

Google Offers Is A Cheap Knockoff by: Rocky Agrawal

This is from the same blog site as the last one, TechCrunch, and has the same writing style. Rocky Agrawal was a guest writer and provided a little more fact along side.  I like his writing because he uses the section areas, but you need time to read through this.

Your Never too old to do tia chi  by: RoyinChina

This is a travel blog written with a mixture of facts and humor. He writes about what he sees, does, and takes lots of pictures.  I like that he will put a picture of some of his favorite scenes.  The general quality of the blog is high.

Are you ready for the YouTube fund drive? by: Margaret Lyons

This is from  the site PopWatch. This blog has some humor, but mainly facts in it. I like how she keep the entries short and includes a video. I also like how the reader has a question to answer at the end.  This topic is interesting to me and I like the blog’s writing.

I Have Met The Enemy and She Is Mosquito by: Sylvia Morice

Another blog from word press, with a writing style that connects to the average reader. The general quality is really good. I like how she mixes humor in with the facts and excrescences. When she used another source, like Discovery Magazine, she put a link to were she read the article, in this case.

My Mother’s Kitchen: Pollyanna Squares recipe by : Sylvia Morice

Also done by Sylvia Morice, is a simple recipe for people to try at home. I like trying and making new things, I like this idea.  Unlike her other blog, it is shorter and on a different subject, variety.  She still tells about her experiences. I like is a little less then her blog about Mosquito, but I still say it is good.

Young Unicyclists by Nye Noona

This is from Word Press and it is about a team of school aged unicyclists. He includes many picture, which I like a lot, and write short blog. The pictures add to the blog and make it good quality.  I didn’t know they had unicycle team, but that would be fun to try.

day 1: technology/ random thoughts

There has been a debate for a long to time about if new technology is good. I think it is mainly that people are getting used to the change and adjusting to a new way of living. The cloth factories put hundreds of home cloth weavers out of business. The jobs of the weavers were replaced with the jobs or maintaining the  machines to weave. This cycle has been repeated over and over again as the new technology comes out.  The result is usually the same, people don’t like loosing their job, get mad or worry, learn the new skill, and life goes on. So, yes I think technology is good, but you just have to give it time to work out.

Next topic….

There have been hundreds of science fiction movies made about how humans make machines smarter then they are and then have to fight to survive. So the question is,  Are human replacing themselves with computer? I think it is overblown by people who panic when they hear that something is going to change. It is harder for the older people to adjust and learn the new skills, but the younger one have a younger mind to mold to the new style. No, I don’t believe people will replace them selves. People will never by fully replaced by machines because machines need someone to program them and to maintain them.

next topic…

Technology has advanced at an extremely accelerated rate and it seems that children don’t know what to do without it.  Are people to connected to it? I love to find out what the latest and newest gadgets are and find it amazing how people come up with it.  Yes, technology is wonderful, but people need to use it in moderation. Parents should make their children go outside, limit time on electronic things, and train children to think for themselves.  Technology is a huge time saver, but you can’t forget to polish some of the old skills, like hand writing, paper book, ect. So, we should keep a balance of the old and the new, just like life is a balance.

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