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Week end 2

Weekend two of this was fun, but packed.

On friday, we left for  the cities.  We visited 3M first. We split up into and went on different tours looking at lasers, menbranes, and listed to speakers. We got to hear some speakers talk about plastic molds and microfibers. I like the last speaker the best.  He talked about planning and his job.  We got to go to the  Mall of America next. It was my first time, so that was really exciting to me. I was amazed at how big it was.  We stopped at the hotel, checked it, and swam for the of the night. 

On Saturday, we started the day with a tour of the Guthery theatore. The tour was neat and  we got to see the behind the scenes, the prop shop, and 2 of the theatores.  Our next stop was the science Museum. We didn’t have a long time to look around by ourselves, but we did get to go on the King Tut tour. We each got a ticket for the audio tours. Those gave you a lot of information,but sometimes got long.  I wanted to spend more time there.  The last and one of the most exciting stops was Valley Fair.  We got to spend about five hours. It was really fun to ride the Roller Coasters. I think the best was Steel Venom or The Wild Thing.  I wish we could have spent more time there, but I was really tired.

Sunday was our last day at the Cities.  We went to the Art Musuem and the Sculpture Garden.  The Art Musuem (Minneaplis Institution of Art) was really big, so you didn’t get to see everything there. Of course, you could spend a whole day there and not see everything. We ate lunch the court yard, which was designed like a maze and had cube you could sit on. Then we went to the Sculpture Garen.  I like the Cherry and the Spoon the best, but taking pictures with it and other things was fun. Most people slept on the bus. This was the best trip/days so far.


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