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need: Write a post on your blog containing (for each site you find):

  • The URL of the blog (make sure this is a link so I/others can click on it)
  • A description of the quality of the blog entries in general
  • A description of the style of the blog in general (visual & writing style)
  • A link to a specific blog entry or image that you find particularly useful/interesting on the blog

P.S.- I couldn’t figure out how to change the size of the pictures, so I’ll put some in later.

So, what’s this about killing a wolf at Minnesota Zoo? by Greg Laden

His writing style is a mixture of opinion and fact.  I like how he asks a question at the end for the people to respond to. It is in prose and I like the easy style.

Solar Farm, East Coast Style science blog by Kendra Snyder at

The style of writing is informative. The blog has good facts about the events/thing that are describing .  They use pictures and short, but enjoyable length.

Spidey Battles Doc Ock… atBrookhaven? by Peter Genzer

This is classified as a pop culture blog. The style is as informative mixed with a little opinion. This blog is about The amazing Spider-Man # 158 released in July 1976. The style is basically like the back of a book.  It is interesting to see how some of these comic books were concerned about the environment.

The +1 Button Is Like A Button You Push For A Treat — Without The Treat

by: MG Siegler

This blog is mainly opinion about how what this person thinks of the google +1 button. He dislikes it and compares it pushing the button in the show “Lost”.  He  is a good writer.

Google Offers Is A Cheap Knockoff by: Rocky Agrawal

This is from the same blog site as the last one, TechCrunch, and has the same writing style. Rocky Agrawal was a guest writer and provided a little more fact along side.  I like his writing because he uses the section areas, but you need time to read through this.

Your Never too old to do tia chi  by: RoyinChina

This is a travel blog written with a mixture of facts and humor. He writes about what he sees, does, and takes lots of pictures.  I like that he will put a picture of some of his favorite scenes.  The general quality of the blog is high.

Are you ready for the YouTube fund drive? by: Margaret Lyons

This is from  the site PopWatch. This blog has some humor, but mainly facts in it. I like how she keep the entries short and includes a video. I also like how the reader has a question to answer at the end.  This topic is interesting to me and I like the blog’s writing.

I Have Met The Enemy and She Is Mosquito by: Sylvia Morice

Another blog from word press, with a writing style that connects to the average reader. The general quality is really good. I like how she mixes humor in with the facts and excrescences. When she used another source, like Discovery Magazine, she put a link to were she read the article, in this case.

My Mother’s Kitchen: Pollyanna Squares recipe by : Sylvia Morice

Also done by Sylvia Morice, is a simple recipe for people to try at home. I like trying and making new things, I like this idea.  Unlike her other blog, it is shorter and on a different subject, variety.  She still tells about her experiences. I like is a little less then her blog about Mosquito, but I still say it is good.

Young Unicyclists by Nye Noona

This is from Word Press and it is about a team of school aged unicyclists. He includes many picture, which I like a lot, and write short blog. The pictures add to the blog and make it good quality.  I didn’t know they had unicycle team, but that would be fun to try.


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