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day 1: technology/ random thoughts

There has been a debate for a long to time about if new technology is good. I think it is mainly that people are getting used to the change and adjusting to a new way of living. The cloth factories put hundreds of home cloth weavers out of business. The jobs of the weavers were replaced with the jobs or maintaining the  machines to weave. This cycle has been repeated over and over again as the new technology comes out.  The result is usually the same, people don’t like loosing their job, get mad or worry, learn the new skill, and life goes on. So, yes I think technology is good, but you just have to give it time to work out.

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There have been hundreds of science fiction movies made about how humans make machines smarter then they are and then have to fight to survive. So the question is,  Are human replacing themselves with computer? I think it is overblown by people who panic when they hear that something is going to change. It is harder for the older people to adjust and learn the new skills, but the younger one have a younger mind to mold to the new style. No, I don’t believe people will replace them selves. People will never by fully replaced by machines because machines need someone to program them and to maintain them.

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Technology has advanced at an extremely accelerated rate and it seems that children don’t know what to do without it.  Are people to connected to it? I love to find out what the latest and newest gadgets are and find it amazing how people come up with it.  Yes, technology is wonderful, but people need to use it in moderation. Parents should make their children go outside, limit time on electronic things, and train children to think for themselves.  Technology is a huge time saver, but you can’t forget to polish some of the old skills, like hand writing, paper book, ect. So, we should keep a balance of the old and the new, just like life is a balance.


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